Ep 30. Best of The Red Pill Generation Part 1 (2014-2015)

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The Red Pill Generation Podcast & Blog. We've made a few compilation episodes of the most interesting, inspirational, informative and insane bits from RPG circa June 2014 - June, 2015. 

Episodes in this Compilation (Listed in Order):

Ep 8. Co-CEO/Co-Founder - RohanEp 10. 5 Reasons I'm Not Friends with GirlsEp 25. Veni Vici On C'est MontréalEp 26. Pick Up Artists & Pushing Your LimitsEp 27. How To Make $5K a Month PPC 

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Ep 29. Why Having Entrepreneur Friends To Support You Can Make Or Break Your Business And Life

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.

In this episode, Mocha and Tess talk about why having friends pursuing the entrepreneurship path, location independent or not, can make or break you and why. They also bromance about how they have helped each other in the recent past - from asking bosses for raises, dealing with personal issues, discussing business processes, outsourcing, and more.

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Ep 27. How To Make $5K a Month in Pay Per Call Online Marketing

Coming off of the episode on Pick Up Artists, RSD and Pushing Your Limits, we move away from Veni Vici's PUA life. Into why he quit his banking job, jumped into  P.P.C. (Pay Per Call online marketing) and went from losing money in his first month to making $5K a month net profit in less than a year - all location independent income.

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Ep 26. Pick Up Artists, Real Social Dynamics (RSD) & Pushing Your Limits

In this episode through talking about Veni Vici's assent in self-improvement, pushing his limits - we analyze PUA (Pick Up Artists) in general and the PUA forum/dating coach service RSD (Real Social Dynamics) which you may have heard of when Julien Blanc was deemed "The Most Hated Man in the World" in 2014 by TIME Magazine...fucking TIME MAGAZINE! 

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Ep 25. Veni Vici - On C'est Montréal, Pick Up Artists & PPC.

RPG co-founder Veni Vici features on the podcast for the first time and gives an alternative perspective on the 3 Part C'est Montreal Paradis Des Animaux series. In the next part he talks about his journey from Needy to Veni Vici and eventually making nearly $5,000 a month net profit via his PPC marketing business - all location independent income.