Food For Thought - Breaking Down Game

So.. I was downtown today and the cats were dressed to the 9's. Well dressed women all bubbly and enthused, well dressed men with smooth voices and tailored suits. Just like something off the set of Mad Men or Suits. And it's actually a pretty huge deal - someone well dressed and well spoken has so much more value than someone who doesn't (unless they're Steve Jobs, but that's a totally different story).

It reminds me of fancy cars or decorated upscale restaurants. Same metal, same food, same people, just an illusion of sorts - smoke and mirrors. Also what we call outer-game; but the fact is, outer-game works. For women, being presentable and charming means the difference between a ride home in a Ferrari versus a bus; of being the object of fascination versus the object of ridicule. The world bends itself around beautiful, charming women.

For men, outer-game opens doors. It's much easier to charm a girl in a pressed shirt than in a mismatched pair of Walmart jeans. Beautiful girls will be much more willing to hang out with you. Styles (Neil Strauss) once said something to the effect of "you have to have the same level of fashion, charm and presentation if you're going after the beautiful women." You gotta have the same, or higher level of social value as the celebrated dolls you're approaching.


Anyway, suppose you're a guy and you have your outer-game down. Which, honestly, is the easier part to manage. Go shopping with a fashionable friend, watch a few episodes of Mad Men and mimic Don Draper. Then you'll already generate 10 times the interest than the average Joe. But here's the real division between men and women. Women can look pretty, sit back, and wait for things to happen. But even the most presentable men, 99 times out of 100, have to drive the sexual interaction forward. I know plenty of great looking guys, including one bona-fide Abercrombie model, who get laid next to nothing. No girl wants to be the one leading a sexual interaction. Not only is it against the social norm, it's against her biological programming.

Or put in other words, a presentable guy with no sexual initiative is akin to a Maserati without an engine. He'd be great to keep around and show off to your friends, but he'd be useless for getting anywhere.

Now of course, the topic of escalation itself can be complex. You can easily dress up a frog and make it a prince, but escalation comes from a primal masculine place and needs to breach the layers upon layers upon layers of mental blockades that have been placed upon it since childhood. Ideas like tension, congruence, and other very subtle communications play a huge role.

But - if you've got both elements of presentation and escalation, then women become a breeze. And for many, encountering you would be her first experience being swept off her feet. There's nothing sweeter than seeing a girl willingly toss aside every last shred of resistance within minutes of meeting you, all because you're her dreamboat guy she and her girlfriends fantasize about together at night.