What Is The Red Pill?

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the Red Pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

Morpheus, The Matrix


What the fuck is the "Red Pill"?

What does it mean?

Are you confused?

Please don’t go buy some MDMA from the guy down the street, I take no responsibility if you think THAT is the red pill you need to take.


The Typical Red Pill Definition

Many people think that the term "Red Pill" refers to the Red Pill site or sub-Reddit. Some of the ideas there I agree with, and I think they can be useful. But I think a great deal of it is anti-women, misogynistic, disgusting, and sometimes just pure trolling. It can be very shallow, and created by men who have been significantly hurt by women. They proceed to lash out at them and call them “bitches” and “whores”.

So if we’re not saying that women have no brains and are purely fuck toys (as SOME guys do), what exactly is “the Red Pill?”

Real Red Pill – Society And The Messages Programmed Inside You

When Morpheus recites that that line to Neo in The Matrix, he gives him a chance to see things as they are – the pure truth. The system that keeps control over the mindless zombies of the world. The wool over his eyes is pulled off and he sees how things truly are.

This is closer to my definition of "Red Pill".

When we are born and move through adolescence, we receive messages from society, our parents, and the world around us. Things like:

  • How to treat women, e.g. be a gentleman, don’t be aggressive, don’t push for sex…

  • That one should progress from elementary school, to high school, to university, before getting a job.

  • This “job” is usually the “9-5”, Monday to Friday variant.

  • Retirement takes place typically in your 60s, and vacation lengths every year are usually at 3 weeks duration (in North America.)

But ask yourself, are these YOUR messages? Do you believe them?

Or are they just a system in place to control you, to ensure that everyone follows the same general path in life?

You need to ask yourself, “What do I want? How do I think the world should be run? Are these beliefs helping me get where I want to go?”

At a deeper level, the above messages subconsciously implant into our mind even deeper beliefs ranging from:

  • How we should act.

  • Whom we should seek approval from.

  • Which emotions and thoughts we should share or nurture.

  • How we should proceed in life.

They combine together to create our own chains binding us down, prohibiting us from achieving our dreams.

What Is Taking The Red Pill?

To take the Red Pill is to decide how YOU want to act for yourself, and to uncover these chains so that you may break free. Society may tell you differently, but the correct forms to the above beliefs are that:

  • YOU should decide how you act.
  • YOU should seek approval only from YOURSELF.
  • YOU decide which emotions and thoughts to share and nurture.
  • YOU decide how to proceed in life.

YOU have all the power when you take the Red Pill because you see that living by someone else’s standards can never make you happy. You need to do what you think is right and stand by those decisions.

Those decisions may range from being more physically dominant with a woman during sex, to pursuing purely casual sex encounters versus looking for a monogamous relationship, to expressing your anger, to starting a business, to traveling, to spending all your savings on something you believe in.

The State Of Men Today, Or "Blue Pill"

Many men in the world today are depressed, anxious, and frustrated because they are not living true to themselves or the lives they desire. They are not being congruent with what is inside, and it results in men lashing out against their partners, holding it inside and creating health problems, or in terrible cases, suicide from utter depression of the world.

The point is to decide what’s best for you, and only take advice and support from those who want you to grow as a person – not to be squelched by someone else’s standards. You become your authentic self, the person who is not chained down by someone else’s needs or desires – someone else’s view of what you should be.

You become empowered and happy because you are doing what you want.

Don’t listen when people tell you something is stupid, that you are wrong, that you are bad, or that you are crazy…They’re probably just scared to do the same, express themselves, or, they are jealous.

We at The Red Pill Generation are men who have slowly begun to unravel these mysteries and what we truly want for ourselves. We are making mistakes, but we are trying to live the lives that we believe are right for us, and us alone.

It is a selfish way to live, but it is the only way. For unless you are giving someone a gift (acting or giving in a way out of pure love and abundance versus fear of judgement), you will forever be chained down by someone else’s needs and desires. You will then, in turn, be suppressing your own.

It’s time to start living for yourself.

We invite you to join us.