RPG Short - Do You Raw Dawg?

I omitted a section in my previous article (From Needy to Veni. Vici. i) and Café Mocha suggested I share the experience; as it's is a recurring theme among pick up artists and even men in general. “Raw Dawging

I had sex with the Korean girl 3 times that night and in the final session I went in raw. While thrusting inside her as she wrapped her legs around me in missionary position, I paused to reach out for a condom. She stopped me, told me she doesn’t like condoms, squeezed herself around me tighter and insisted we keep fucking. We did...but I was so taken aback by the situation, I didn’t ejaculate. I concentrated on holding myself back from reaching climax. I was even further perturbed later on when she asked, what I would do if she got pregnant? Bluntly, I stated that she should just get an abortion, but in my mind this freaked me out a little bit.

While I accompanied her back to the metro, she mentioned several times that she might get pregnant. I asked myself why she was having those thoughts? Particularly since, she was the one who didn't want me to wrap it up - HUGE red flag.


I haven't heard from her...yet. I actually do not want to see her again. I have this thought in the back of my mind, that one day she’ll call with some unexpected news that will drastically change my life. Now the question is, do YOU raw dawg? I've learnt my lesson - put a condom on even if a girl insists you shouldn’t. Actually put a rubber on ESPECIALLY if she insists you shouldn’t.