5 Things I Know About Seducing Women

By Fable


1. Women are attracted to "Alpha males", not to feminine men. A general fallacy is that women are attracted to the same things men are. So for example, I'm attracted to confident, happy, smiling, "nice" women. Are women attracted to the same thing?


Not according to this UBC study:

Happy Guys Finish Last Says New Study on Sexual Attractiveness


There is a difference between the sort of guys women like versus the sort of guys women are attracted to. Women may very well like a feminine man because she shares many interests with him, but she is 99% of the time much more attracted to a masculine man even though they might have nothing in common.


Remember that the "Average Frustrated Chump", a guy who finds it difficult to get laid, is simply a guy following the rules laid out to him by society (e.g. Hollywood, mass media, teachers, church, etc). Society on a whole aims to create polite, self-sacrificing men who are easily controlled to put the needs of society above the needs of the man. Most men will never rise out of that conditioning, and winning at life (and love) requires that you do. The same rules apply to money - the typical work/pay taxes/spend combo doesn't give financial freedom.


2. Focus on the basics. The Pareto principle applies: 20% of what you learn nets you 80% of the results. In game, this means the basics. I've been actively picking up women for 5 years now and met countless PUAs, seducers and players. The good ones all have common qualities of an attractive male:

-great sexual eye contact

-a strong frame

-confidence and dominance

-actively escalating all the time

-the courage to go outside the normal rules


Once in awhile I'll have an off-day approaching women and get rejected continuously. When I reflect on it at the end of the night, the off-days always stem from missing these basics.


3. Being attractive beats having money, period. I've slept with women both from being attractive and from flashing money and promises of riches. I can say that sleeping with a girl who is attracted to you for your behavior and personality, BY FAR beats sleeping with a girl who's only in it for money. Imagine for a moment an unattractive woman offers you a thousand dollars to let her go on a date with you and a thousand dollars more, if you'll sleep with her at the end of it. You may take that offer, but deep down you know that a) you're only doing it for the money, and b) this woman is way less attractive to you than everyone else. You'll always feel a lust and longing for more attractive women and look for opportunities to cheat.


This is a typical girl's world, where men are constantly offering money, status, power, etc. to sleep with her. When she goes off and cheats on the man with the aforementioned traits, she goes off and sleeps with other men - for free. When I used to get women by displays of wealth, I was always jealous and worried about men richer than I am. Now that I can seduce women by my own personality, I'm never jealous of rich guys anymore - I know that I mean a whole lot more to these women than he does.


4. Don't worry about your reputation. We work so hard to maintain our reputation as honorable, "nice" citizens and build a good image of ourselves to others, that when we approach women, we're constantly worried about ruining that reputation - coming off as a creep, coming off as a sex-addict, etc. One of the advantages that "bad boys" have over average guys is that people already have such a bad image of them, they risk nothing by making bold moves. Nice guys walk on eggshells among women, lest their "true desires" be found out. Bad boys' images revolve around their true desires of sex, domination and rebellion. Women know who to call when they want to have a good time.


5. Women are looking for excitement. If you look at popular books and movies for women, they all follow a common theme: a girl leads a typical, pleasant but boring life - and then out of nowhere comes a mysterious guy who has a very non-typical life. He's aloof at first, but as she gets to know him better, she finds out more and more about his world - whether he's a vampire, a werewolf, a NASCAR driver, a criminal. She gets to enter his world and has wild adventures and even wilder sex. The point is, women are looking to escape from their boring old lives. The opposite of an exciting date is a typical lunch and interview date. Nobody likes that shit.

photo by  jayRaz

photo by jayRaz

Last summer, I was bored and escaped it by sneaking in pools and water parks at night. After I got good at it, I started taking my first dates for this. I did it 9 times, and in 7/9 times, my date was ripping my clothes off by the end of the night. When you give women an exciting time on a date, the only way they want it to end is with sex.