Why I Started My Own Business & You Should Too

I believe that total freedom should be the pinnacle of your self-development path. Otherwise why would you get into self-development, if not for the ability of choice? Some examples are the ability to choose which girls to date, to choose of what type of friends you want to hang out with or even the choice of saying NO when you want to. Imagine waking up in a bungalow, in the exotic place of your choosing, with a stunning babe (or two) by your side; whom you chose to meet the night before, at the beach bar you chose to go to?

But that freedom comes at a price - and that price is money.  It doesn’t matter what political or social views you hold, there is only one way total freedom can be achieved and that is by having tons of cash. The good thing is there is plenty of cash out there, as there are plenty of attractive women who are eager to be in your company.

But allow me to let you in on a little secret – You can’t achieve the level of freedom you desire trading your time for money at a 9 - 5 job. That rat race, is one you will always be on the losing end of…no matter how hard you try. Let me break it down for you – the amount of money you make at your job is limited by two factors: your wage/salary and time:


  • Wage/Salary - Will most likely be increased incrementally; it rarely jumps from $15/hour to $50/hour or from 50k a year to 150k. It is going to be a long while until your salary gets bumped up to the level you desire and the sad part is that it’s not even up to you, it’s up to your boss to decide to raise your salary.

  • Time - There are only so many hours you can work a day and so many months (or weeks depending on how periodically you get paid) you can work in a year. In either case you can’t work more than 24 hours a day and 12 months a year, respectively.

I hope you’ve started seeing the fundamental flaws in the traditional “go to college, get a job, get a 401k & retire at 65” path by now – you simply won’t be able to earn the amount of money you want until you hit your late 30’s, if you’re lucky. Besides that, everything is out of your control – you can’t demand the wage increase you desire, you can get fired on any given day, you don’t control your own time. Is that something that a man who’s decided to take control of his life settles for? I will leave that up to you to answer.

Starting a business is a very very hard thing to do. There are many different paths you can follow be it an tech start-up, manufacturing business or “buy in China, sell in North America” commerce. All of those and many others have their pros and cons, but all of them can get you to the destination you strive for. You should choose a path that most appeals to you. Those paths share something else in common, their math is simple – “your revenue = margin x number of units sold” and everything within this formula is under your control. If you want to make more money just sell more or increase your margin. If you want to sell more, work on your marketing strategy. If you don’t like your margins, change your target market or product line. The bottom line is, you can control how much money you are making.

Your first year or two are going to be tough - you will be working more hours than at the “safe” job you left, while making less. However, you are building a business;  a business that in a few years will allow you to take a one-month vacation to Bali to surf with your buddies. And hopefully, in a few years you’ll be able to sell your business and retire while you are still young and handsome and don’t need a Viagra pill to achieve an erection. I assume you are at this blog right now because you want to regain control of some aspects of your life, well…take control of your income.