RPG Short - Envy

By Fable

Did some thinking on envy recently. In case you didn't know, "envy" is negative feelings caused by desire for something you don't already have, like envy of a colleague's new car, job or lover. That's not to be confused with jealousy, which applies to things you already have. That's a topic for another day.

The way I think about envy is like this - you're at an apple farm and you see people picking apples. Would you be envious that they get to pick apples? Well no, because you can easily pick apples too. You simply have to invest a few hours into doing it.


But guys get envious when they see other men pick up women. But women are just like apples. They do "grow on trees" in a metaphorical sense, because beautiful women are everywhere if you take a stroll through downtown or the nightlife. And I guess the issue is that most guys can't go picking up girls as easily as they pick apples.

But if you look at it from that perspective, who's fault is it that the envious guys can't pick up women? Envy in this case is fundamental dishonesty. It's redirecting their own negative feelings of inadequacy into hatred towards others. And of course, being envious serves no purpose. The solution to inadequacy, after all, is to become adequate. It's more useful to look at the success of other people and think, "Awesome, so it can be done. Let's do it!"