Women Do Not Take Self-Improvement Seriously



Generally speaking, women do not take self-improvement seriously -- more specifically, girls from ages 18-31. I’m not talking about simply participating in a yoga class once a week, taking a summer trip to the Congo to gawk at endangered Gorillas, or reading Cosmo’s “8 Ways to Get A Man to Commit.” Ironically, it’s arguable that more girls actually attempt to venture into self-improvement than guys.

The Differences?

Firstly, women tend to pursue everything more passively than men and venture into the more unassertive aspects of development. The average man tends to let his ego discourage him to even embark on that journey, however the ones that do are significantly more driven and poignant in their development. Meaning the man who puts his ego aside, will be more likely to join toastmasters, a team sport, start a business, move to a foreign country or start approaching random girls 7 days a week, to improve his social skills. See the difference? These forms of development would be deemed extreme, creepy or unrealistic by our female counterparts. I rarely meet a girl who even comes close to that level of "extreme" commitment to enhancing themselves -- that is, until they’re single at 32 and begin to hit the wall, hard. I’ve seen many a 40+ year old female trolls at the Toastmasters meetings I've attended.


My opinion is that they don’t have to. Not that they’re born perfect creatures, as a lot of feminists would have you believe, but they don’t have to improve themselves in order to attract a man. In 2014, even the gnarliest crocodile-hippo hybrid can craft herself a Tinder or OkCupid profile and get laid within the hour. Conversely, I know “nice guys” with a solid education, who’ve worked part-time as models that were virgins at age 27. What this breeds is a sense of complacency/nonchalance in women and an urgency/hunger in men. Sex and companionship are some of the most significant motifs, a human being can have to achieve anything. Take a look at the iPhone you’re holding, the Lamborghini’s you see in the summer or the skyscrapers all over any metropolis; these are built by men trying to prove their value to women, if all those intelligent men were constantly swimming in pussy, nothing would get done.

Take the average 18-32 year old woman, she’s consistently got proposals for sex and companionship; why should she improve? She’s most likely to going to ride the cock carousel in college and play the hypergamy game till she’s 31. All the while staying single, because she always thought she could do better. The problem with this thinking is that while she's leveraging her looks for high value men. High value men will gladly fuck her senseless; hinting at the possibility of a bright future, while seeking high value women. At 32, women begin to realize their stock in the sexual marketplace has peaked and is plummeting. To combat this, they then begin to pursue self-development more aggressively. The problem with this is that it’s simply too late, the high value men she used to fuck are now, less attracted to her and put off by her age despite her new cultivated “amazing” personality.

Personal Case Study

One of the ladies I’m currently banging is a Ukrainian-Canadian blondie. She's 32 years old, works out everyday and makes six figures a year. Easily an 8.5-9 in her twenties, now she’s an 8 at best and that’s mainly because of her vigorous diet & exercise routine keeping her body in check, that ass though… I digress -- I can’t complain, we have electric chemistry in bed and vibe on many levels of the self-improvement and lifestyle realm. In theory, she’s a high quality feminine girl; apart from her being on the brink of slamming into the wall. When I look at her face, I see her biological clock ticking, not to mention the extreme THIRST for a marriage and 2.5 kids in her dilated pupils. Nope, not interested. So she loses out on a potential high quality mate because during her early twenties, she was too busy in a meaningless long term relationship, playing the hypergamy game to no avail. Instead of improving the qualities she needed in order to attract a high quality man before she was 32.

In Summary

It’s a gradual process; when a woman is young and her virility is her main source of value, she doesn’t care about actively eradicating her weakness and improving on her strengths. The older a woman gets -- whilst remaining single, she’ll then fill up her time with self-development. Unfortunately for them, past a certain age (probably 35) the ROI begins to diminish. Meaning, it will hardly help them attract or even keep high quality mates in any substantial way. While, men who have been or are developing themselves at the equivalent age, will still have every opportunity to attract girls of any age. Maybe the solution is a Red Pill autobiography named, “What I Was Doing, While You Were Being Hypergamous...”