From Needy To Veni. Vici. i

Thursday 26/06/2014

She's murmuring while resting on top of me, can't really tell what she is saying. Is she talking in Korean to me? Maybe she's just drunk? I ask for clarification, and she repeats “Turn off the lights.” Fear struck my heart. That doesn't sound like that sweet, innocent looking girl I met at the mall. Why should the light be turned off?? I pictured a vivid scenario of her strangling me for having sex with her 20 minutes ago. Widow Spider Mode.

I met her a week ago, while 'daygaming' at the mall. Daygaming, essentially means picking up chicks during the daytime.

I've been daygaming for a year and half now, quite consistently I would say. When I started the process, I remember I would walk around in the mall, petrified of even saying "hi" and asking an 'opinion opener.' One day, I literally walked around the mall for 6 hours straight, from noon to 6pm, all caught up in my head and feeling depressed that I could not muster the courage to initiate a conversation.

Socializing, was never my forte and my height was something that always bothered me, being the shortest dude in most circumstances. English not being my first language also didn't help. I came to Toronto when I was 16, and being of mixed heritage meant that I couldn't identify myself with a particular group in high school. I spent most of my teenage and college years being this pathologically shy guy, always avoiding interacting with people. The 'wanting' to interact was there, but the fear was more overwhelming and this fear dictated my life for quite a while. I had just a few friends that I knew for a while and essentially clutched on to them for dear life.

Things have changed since. I'm now in my mid 20s and have graduated from university. I worked in the corporate world, and the main focus of my life at the moment revolves around growing up as a person through pick up (PUA) and delving into business/entrepreneurial endeavors. Some of my insecurities and limiting beliefs have eroded through my relative success doing pick up, but I know there is still much to develop in terms of building my character. Hence, I deciding to incorporate night game into my pick up journey, as the harsher environment and the abundance of people in the club scene should fast track my learning curve.

So here I was in bed, with this Korean girl telling me to turn the lights off. The day before, I set up a date with her for some bubble tea. My strategy for dates with Asian girls consists of grabbing bubble tea, walking around the area and later on hitting up a bar nearby for some pool and drinks. Finally, I pull her back to my place to seal the deal. The strategy has been field tested numerous times by Ash, a master with Asian girls :). Ash's success with Asian girls reinvigorates my passion to approach those girls again, making it all seem possible. Another factor that is helping me in my progress is Cafe Mocha's advice on having the killer instinct. I tend to be very self conscious and care about mundane, menial things that shouldn't cross my mind at the first place. Cafe Mocha has this serene, calm demeanor, but also another aspect is this wild side, a go getter that goes for the kill. The Yin and Yang. I know I'm too Yin and I'm developing on my Yang.

After the drinks, I got the Korean girl back to my place, where I gave her some massage, which lead to us having sex, with barely any resistance. During and after sex, the girl barely spoke. Now she was just laying in bed, half asleep. 20 minutes later, this is when she utters her first words in a while. “Turn off the lights”. For strange reasons, my initial reaction was me being perplexed and somewhat fearful. The sound of her voice seems peculiar, almost like she was another person. However, I came back to my senses and realized this petite Korean is harmless. I hope. I turn off the lights and immediately she gets on top and starts ramming me like being on a speedboat. She's moaning heavily. I thought she might be possessed. Call an exorcist! Her attitude and personality flipped 180 degrees. Now she was this kinky, horny little fire cracker. She asks for doggy, I oblige. Fool around for some time, have sex multiple times and then she heads back home...